Welcome to the Kokomo Howard County Arts League (KHCAL) website.  It is our goal to make this "THE" website for all arts related information for Kokomo and Howard county.  This can be a great communication tool for our entire arts community; however we need your input and information to maximize the effectiveness. Please submit your events and dates so they can be included on the website, and / or consider becoming a member of the KHCAL.  The KHCAL exists to encourage and support all the arts in Howard and the surrounding counties.  This website is one way we are accomplishing our mission.

Note: Please do not use the "Contact Us" page of this website.  We currently do not receive information submitted on that page.  You may email your event information to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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Due to a problem with our website, we are currently unable to update our Calendar of Events.  Please visit our Facebook page to find current information.

KHCAL has recently published a directory of Arts Organizations in our community. A downloadable PDF version is available by clicking the Membership tab.  If you would like to obtain hard copies to have available at your place of business, please send an email to khcal_events@sbcglobal.net
Individual copies of the brochure are available at the Chamber of Commerce/Visitor's Bureau office.







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